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    promises wireless technologies hold.

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    Choosing the right technology, finding players you can trust, even defining clearly what you actually need can be a daunting task before such a plethora of innovative solutions as one finds in the fields of IoT, M2M and telematics.


    At Synchrologix, we enable those looking for solutions to encounter those who can best cater for their needs with reliable, cost-efficient offerings that cut a clear return on investment.


    Yes. You get the cherry picking done for you!

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    Does the IoT landscape look a little hazy to you?

    Choosing connectivity and hardware

    A lot is said in comparisons between wireless technologies. What information can I rely on? And what are the exact costs involved?
    What can and can't I do with an LPWAN such as Sigfox, LoRa, Weightless, Ingenu...? Should I wait for NB-IoT (or is that LTE-M)?

    Is geolocation possible without GPS?

    Which operators are deploying what? And where do GSM, GPRS 3G & 4G stand?

    For short-range or mesh connectivity what is best? Zigbee, Dash7, Bluetooth?

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    Choosing or making hardware

    And what about hardware? Should I try to make my own?

    Where can I find trustworthy makers? What components should I purchase? How much do they cost?


    Benefit from in-depth experience in implementing solutions from a wide range of worldwide hardware and software providers in the following fields:

    Asset management, tracking & theft recovery

    Asset management, tracking & theft recovery

    Tracking movement of vehicles, goods and transport modules

    Indoor & outdoor

    Cold-chain monitoring & alerts

    Palette and coil drum tracking

    Monitoring skips and containers in harsh environments

    Secure machinery and equipment

    Farming & forestry

    Farming & forestry

    Soil humidity and pH

    Plant growth monitoring

    Smart irrigation

    Early fire detection & prevention

    Animal tracking & health monitoring

    Equipment & machinery monitoring & theft prevention

    Industry 4.0 and IIoT

    Industry 4.0 and IIoT

    Preventive maintenance

    Real-time monitoring of resource consumption

    Fine tuning of logistics

    Usage times & locations

    Energy performance & smart building

    Energy performance & smart building

    Real-time monitoring of energy & water consumption

    Room & desk occupation

    Monitoring structure deformation

    Fine-tuned heating, cooling & lighting

    Smart city & waste management

    Smart city & waste management

    Smart lighting

    Traffic control

    Smart parking

    Fine-tuned waste collection

    Full/empty bin monitoring

    Real-time indoor & outdoor air quality monitoring

    Home automation, surveillance & security

    Home automation, surveillance & security

    Per room heating & cooling

    Presence & intrusion detection

    Smart locks

    Smoke detection & fire prevention

    Environmental monitoring of temperature, humidity, CO & volatile pollutants

    Home, personal & health care

    Home, personal & health care

    Home surveillance

    Personal alarm systems

    Secure access granting

    Remote health monitoring

    Patient & inventory tracking

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  • Provide solutions

    You make compelling, innovative solutions that bring real value to your customers.

    Yet you feel that this value is being missed by the audience you're targeting.

    Or your audience is not large enough.


    You don't have the time to develop technology as well as business or you simply need to expand your sales force without the hassle of hiring staff.


    Developing technology generates costs. Developing business generates revenue!


    Synchrologix puts over 20 years of experience in marketing and selling M2M, IoT and telematics solutions into helping companies develop their business.

    Business development

    Bottom line develop you must!

    Hiring full-time a senior well-seasoned sales executive is expensive and can be risky.


    In providing an independent highly-skilled sales resource, Synchrologix is helping companies around the World to get their sales and marketing off the ground and develop business with large and small companies alike, without the risk and hassle that comes with employment.

    Sales process

    Tuning the sales process

    Once your solution is up and running, the challenge is to go to market: defining targets, devising the best-suited sales process and actually getting to meet and demonstrate the value your solution provides to high-level prospects.


    Synchronising timing between provider (you) and customer is key to success and is part of the credo at Synchrologix.


    Challenging partners to define the right value proposition, sales process and timing according to industry and sales targets is how we define the right music to dance to in unison with customers.


    Get your solutions known by those who really need them

    Time is a major component in selling and you most probably don't have enough of it to ensure both the development of cutting-edge technology and the commercial development of your business.


    Synchrologix works with a large network of partners and decision makers who know they can count on us because delivering on promises is a moral commitment.


    While having a great Web site and being active on social media and events is good for renown, it is often a far throw from actually generating business. You keep representing and building your company's presence, while Synchrologix takes care of provoking real opportunities.

    International sales development

    International development

    Seeing the World as your marketplace requires a major change in perspective and doing business with different cultures, even those close to home, is not rocket science.


    Synchrologix has been built from the ground up as a multicultural, international business development agency, helping companies from all regions find the partners they need to expand their horizons and develop worldwide.


    We take care of adapting offers to new markets at home and abroad.

    IoT & M2M connectivity


    Choosing the connectivity that is most relevant to your business case requires in-depth knowledge of the strengths, weaknesses and business models of the telecommunications technologies that are out there.


    Synchrologix has adopted a neutral and agnostic approach, working closely with partners who provide connectivity using LoRa, Sigfox, Weightless, Ingenu, GSM, 4G, 5G NB-IoT, Wi-Fi, Zigbee, Dash7, Bluetooth, RFID and NFC often combining several to achieve the best results.


    The choice of connectivity will define the hardware you choose.

    IoT platforms & hardware

    Hardware & platforms

    When building an IoT/M2M solution, the primordial components are the hardware, connectivity and service platform.


    Choosing the right hardware modules and chipsets requires keeping up to pace with the latest technological evolutions.


    Then there's the maze of Web service platforms to walk through...


    Here again, Synchrologix works closely with hardware and software providers and experts, capable of devising the optimal functionaly and design for your solution.

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